As supplement to our system-modules for lighting control we have various modules for controlling of blinds, screens and any other switch functions. These modules are fully integrated in our whole systems and can be controlled through pushbutton tableaus and remote controls.


Relay-modules are available for modular installation (70mm) with 2, 3 and 4 relay outputs, max. 10A switching capacity. It serves for controlling of blinds, screens and any other switching functions. Also relay-modules for modular installation (70mm) with up to 6 pushbutton functions 1A are available, as well as relay-modules with up to 30 pushbutton functions 1A for DIN-rails installation.


For ON-OFF switching of any load, a twin relay-module is available with the following functions, both relays are seperately accessible (modular installation):

1) 1-pushbutton function, every push switches alternately ON and OFF

2) 2-pushbutton function, button ON switches only ON, button OFF switches only OFF, repeatedly operating the same function is without effect

3) Function ALL-ON: through this button all connected relays switches ON, relays which were already ON remain unchanged.

4) Function ALL-OFF: through this button all connected relays switches OFF, relays which were already OFF remain unchanged.

All 4 functions can be used independently from eachother, for example a relay can be used with the 1-pushbutton function as well as with the ALL-ON and ALL-OFF functions at the same time.

In connection with our Pushbutton-Dimmers and control devices NTxx, it allows in addition to brightness-control circuits also simply switched light circuits to be used for forming groups that can be switched together without hindering the individual function.

Other switch-modules and switch-modules with special functions like time-switches as well as matrix-modules for group switching are available or made to order to your specific needs.