Control device NT188:

8 (or 2x4) storeable Preset Values, various devices can be controlled combined or single/individual
Single device control through 1-Pushbutton

2-Pushbuttons Control ALL BRIGHTER - ALL DARKER
Daylight-Dependent automatic control
on special version is possible

The control devices NT 188 are very similar to the devices NT 18A, but do have 8 presets.

Special function for divisible rooms

By using on divisible rooms it is possible to store for both divided areas 4 light presets and additional 4 presets for the whole area. The system automatically recognizes the situation and controls for seperate rooms the presets 1-4, by using the whole area the presets 5-8. The switching single - combined is recognized at a System-Module, the information is recieved through an end-switch of the partition wall.

Function description: see [NT18A]

Light Scene Switch Modules allow to integrate pure switching functions into light scenes (presets), e.g. a fan can be switched ON at preset 3 or similar (the Switch Modules cannot be combined with the device STD).

NT 18A + NT 188 Daylight-Dependent Automatic Control (Constant light control)

As an option (special order), one or various devices of NT18A/NT188 can be equipped with light sensors for constant light control in its area. Through an additional command button, the device can be switched into automatic mode and keeps constant the presetted brightness level in its area. If various devices should be used in automatic mode, the switching can be called by just one pushbutton, however an individual light sensor is needed for every device.