These devices makes it possible to have a very simple setting from 4 up to 8 light preset scenes that can be altered anytime. Light scenes come up through different brightness of various electrical lighting fixtures. Depending on the use, the optimal light conditions for various needs can be memorized and recalled by the push of a button. The presets can be entirely set higher or lower through pushbuttons BRIGHTER and DARKER. The transition from one preset to another goes slowly sliding.

In multi-purpose rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies etc., light as a formly element is simply to use. By push of a button the stored light presets can be retrieved and therefore can be exactly reproduced anytime. By using only part of the control buttons, one can create a control set with limited control possibility, for example, only the buttons for PRESETS and OFF, so it is not possible for unauthorized persons to change the stored values.

The installations are composed of one or various, parallel control tableaus, the control devices and any various dimmer devices which are combined according to the control devices. 10V dimmable electronic ballasts will be controlled directly by the control devices without dimmer devices.

Through Scene Switch Modules pure switching functions can also be integrated into individual light presets, e.g. a ventilator/fan is switched ON by preset 3.

Additional to the control tableau, an infrared or radio remote control with all functions of the tableau can be used.

Control device NT18A:

4-Presets Value storeable, various devices in common or individual control
individual control through 1-Pushbutton

2-Pushbuttons control ALL BRIGHTER - ALL DARKER
Daylight-dependent automatic control (special version)

The control devices are made for modular installations (DIN rails). It functions through a 1-pushbutton control BRIGHTER-DARKER-ON/OFF (it turns ON by pressing the button briefly, it dimms by pressing the button longer) and 4 PRESETS. The 1-pushbutton control serves for adjusting the preset values too and can be used additionally to control one area of the installation seperately from the other areas. With the optional 2-pushbuttons control BRIGHTER and DARKER for group control of all devices one can raise or lower the entire light situation.

Wiring diagram >>>     [NT 18A]


The areas can be controlled from one or various tableaus in common or separated. Normally every tableau controls all areas simultaneously, this is necessary for storing and retrieving of light presets.

1-Pushbutton Control: for every single area: it turns ON/OFF by pressing the button briefly, it dimms UP and DOWN alternately by pressing the button longer.

Presets: By pressing one of the Preset-Buttons all devices switches ON and dimms to the preset value which was stored before. You can store up to 4 preset levels through the buttons and retrieve them again. The setting is very simple: with the dimm-buttons you set brightness level for every area, then press the preset-button which should keep these values longer as 3 sec. - the values are stored.

All OFF: all area switches OFF by pressing the button briefly

2-Pushbuttons Control: as long as the button BRIGHTER is pressed, the devices dimms up to full brightness, if you loose the button, the reached value stays. The button DARKER has the same function respectively. Normally these functions are being used to control all areas simultaneously (whole light situation). At special order, also the 2-Pushbuttons Control can be done extra on every area.
The transition time is fix ca. 4 sec.

NT 18A

FSC 6 / K77