The devices NT 22 , NT 32 and NT 42 have special logic functions, which cause them by pressing one of the pushbuttons BRIGHT or PRESET to check if the device is in OFF position. If yes it will first switch ON and then start dimming brighter. On the other hand, the command DARK dimms to minimum level and automatically turns OFF 3 sec. after reaching the minimum light value.

Furthermore the devices are capable to store the last light value, i.e. the last value is stored in the dimmer and the previous dim state can be retrieved if needed.

As an option the devices can be equipped with LED status control which shows the choosen function in the control tableau.

Control device NT 22: Buttons BRIGHTER - DARKER - ON/OFF

As long as the pushbutton BRIGHTER is pressed, the brightness value goes up to full intensity (if the integrated relay was off, it will turn ON first automatically); if the button is released, the light remains at the reached intensity/value. Correspondingly the same applies also for the pushbutton DARKER. The transition time of the device can be choosen seperately between ca. 1-40 sec.. The pushbutton ON/OFF switches alternately without delay to ON/FULL-BRIGHT or DARK/OFF.

Wiring diagram >>>     [NT22]

Control device NT 32: Buttons BRIGHTER - DARKER - PRESET - ON/OFF

The same functions like NT 22, with additional PRESET-Function: infinitely variable light value preset through a potentiometer on the device.

Wiring diagram >>>      [NT 32]

Control device NT 42: Pushbuttons BRIGHT-STOP-DARK-PRESET1-PRESET2-ON/OFF

By pressing the pushbutton briefly, the function needed comes out, during the run from BRIGHT to DARK (or vice versa) you can stop/hold the sequence by pressing the pushbutton STOP. Like the other devices, the transition time is between ca. 1-40 sec. and can be seperately set. The devices have 2 infinitely variable light value presets PRESET 1 and PRESET 2 as well as ON/OFF switch through built-in relay.

Control Device NT 42
Wiring diagram >>>      [NT 42]