NT19 Multi-Sensor-Dimmer with Dimming-Control and 4x preset through pushbutton
KT4E Constant Light Control with Presence-Dependent Detection and Pushbutton Dimming Value adjustment

These devices unite the functions of full automatic, presence-dependent constant light control with the functions of a comfortable dimmer: Brighter-Darker-On/Off as well as the possibilities to set and recall 4 light value presets through push button. The presence detection is done through extern motion detectors, as many as needed can be used parallel (for detecting larger area or various entrances). Every product which can deliver a switched mains phase (almost every device on the market) is usable. Because of the possibility to mount the light sensor and the motion detector at different places, the best place for both sensors can be choosen and therefore a reliable function can be reached.

The devices are available as lighting fixtures installations (type KT 4E) and as modular installations/DIN rails (type NT 19). One of our light sensors accessory is necessary. An optional Infrared remote control is possible.

  • presence detection through (as many as needed) extern motion detectors of any type
  • automatic control of room brightness at descending daylight
  • switch OFF if sufficient daylight or absence of persons
  • automatic switch ON by presence and insufficient daylight
  • manual control Brighter-Darker and 4-memory presets
  • 1-10V output for control of electronic ballasts, transformers and power dimmers
  • integrated powerful switched output (6A
  • manual changing of desired light value is possible anytime
  • stored adjustment value is kept and will be retrieved when switched ON again.
  • the automatic switch ON at low brightness level can be deactivated, so the system will not react if it gets dark, but will react if a person enters the area of detection.
  • any kind of motion detector is useable in various numbers, therefore use in large rooms with numerous entrances is possible
  • separated sensors for presence detection and light value enables optimal adaptation on the situation of the room
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