The System

System Components Overview

The lighting control systems consists of the following components:

Control Devices

Pushbutton controls, automatic controls, preset of light scenes, building control system, computer.
The controls are available with same functions for different kinds of power controls (through dimmers, electronic ballasts with 10V interface, bus systems). It can be mounted in DIN rail (modular installation devices) or directly in the lighting fixtures (lighting fixture installation devices)

Power Devices

Dimming Power Devices with leading edge or trailing edge dimmer (phase control) 300 W up to 5kW or multiple for three phase connections, modules for switching, control of blinds, screens etc..

Constructions: wall recessed (wall box) devices with potentiometer, devices for 45mm DIN-rail modular installations as simple dimmer devices or with built-in potentiometer or with built-in 1 or 2 pushbutton control, distribution boards devices

Command Devices

Potentiometer, pushbutton controls, infrared and radio remote controls, DALI System, Bus-System Controls through computer

Additional functions

Group switching and master controls, time controls, area switching e.g. divisible multiple functional rooms, daylight-dependent controls, switch/dimming controls, blinds and screens, various special functions

The Lighting Control Installations consist of at least one of the above devices, but it regularly consists of various components that can be combined together to comply to your needs. All parts of the system can be combined together, also individual and demanding solutions for Lighting Controls can be obtained.