The First Step

Choosing the right lighting control systems

First, there are some points to clear up:

1) What should be attained with the lighting control ?

a) just an adjustable brightness
b) variable light presets
c) constant brightness
d) presence dependent dimming or switching
e) a combination of the above
f) others

2) What functions are needed ?

a) adjustable brightness of one or more various electrical circuits together
b) different adjustable brightness of various electrical circuits
c) should the changing of light be done through operator, automatically or through remote controls (e.g. Building Control Systems)
d) should a Bus-Control System (e.g. EIB) be used
e) should variable electrical circuits be alternatively combined (e.g. divisible seminar rooms)

3) What kind of operations do you want ?

a) operation through potentiometer
b) pushbutton control
c) automatic controls through photo cell or motion detector
d) controls through Bus-System
e) infrared or radio remote control
f) a combination of the above possibilities

4) Which type of loads are to be controlled ?

a) Type of loads (incandescent lamps, low voltage halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps)
b) if transformer load, then what transformer type (magnetic or electronic)
if fluorescent lamps, then which ballasts (conventional ballasts, 10V electronic ballasts, digital ballasts)
c) how many electrical circuits and which type of load for every circuit

Based on the above criteria, you can match/combine the right system from the available components.

Our offer: We will be pleased to assist and advise you on planning to find the best solution and optimal lighting control system to meet your needs.