Program Overview

The first step - Assistance for choosing the right lighting control system

System components overview

System Overview

Potentiometer controlled devices

Pushbutton dimmer and control devices with Brighter-Darker-Control

Control devices with Brighter-Darker-Control and Light Value Presets

Light scenes - Preset - Controls

Daylight-dependent Automatic Controls

System controls for Light, Blinds, Screens etc.

Radio remote control

System Modules

Description of components

Push-button Controls

Control device NT 12 - 1 or 2 Pushbutton control BRIGHTER-DARKER-ON/OFF
Control device KT 1E - 1 or 2 Pushbutton control BRIGHTER-DARKER-ON/OFF
Control device NT 22 - Functions BRIGHTER - DARKER - ON/OFF
Control device NT 32 - Functions BRIGHTER - DARKER - PRESET - ON/OFF
Control device NT 42 - Functions BRIGHT - STOP - DARK - PRESET1 - PRESET2 - ON/OFF

Light Scenes Preset

Control device NT 18A - Functions BRIGHTER - DARKER - 4 PRESET VALUES
Control device NT 188 - Functions BRIGHTER - DARKER - 8 or 2x4 PRESET VALUES

Daylight-dependent Automatic Controls

Constant Light Control NLK2
Multifunction device NT 18 + NT 17 / KT 3E + KT 2E
Multifunction device NT 38
Light Value Switch
Light sensors

Multi-function devices

NT 19 / KT 4E

Master Controls and group dimming


Modular Installation Dimmer (DIN rails) 1300 VA - 3500 VA
Modular Installation Pushbutton-Dimmer (DIN rails) 600 VA - 2000 VA
Installation Dimmer 2000 VA - 15000 VA
Trailing Edge (Phase Control) Dimmers and Pushbutton Dimmers

Leading Edge (Phase Control) Dimmers KU35

Relay Modules for Blinds, Screens and other switch functions

Examples of special functions and versions of standard control devices

Manual Control Potentiometers and Pushbutton panels

Radio remote control

Dimensional Drawings

Dimensional Drawings

Wiring Diagrams

Technical Tips

Tips to control fluorescent lamps and low voltage halogen lamps

Tips for mounting and installation of Pushbutton Control Devices and
Trailing Edge (Phase Control) Dimmers

Installation tips and details of maximum capacity of dimmer-devices

Start of operation and troubleshooting